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A reputable breeder will aim to improve the overall health of their own Cavaliers as well as that of the breed as a whole.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club is regarded as a custodian of the breed; its members devoted to protecting the lovely characteristics of the Cavalier.  We would like to take this opportunity to share with you, the puppy buyer, an insight into the information that breeders need to make the best informed decisions whilst protecting the health of the breed.

Breeders not only need to make sure that the sire and dam are fit and well but that they are typical of the breed and their qualities complement each other.  The Kennel Club has a breed standard, a "blueprint", for each of its recognised breeds.  These same standards guide the show judge when assessing and awarding dogs in competition.  Whilst successful show dogs are often seen as good examples of what is "typical" of the breed precedence should always be given to the wellbeing of the dogs and the welfare of future generations.


There are a number of scientific tools to assist with the health status of a dog.  Dedicated breeders also gain immense understanding and knowledge from the pedigrees of their dogs over many generations.  The partnership of science with the knowledge and experience of the breeder works together as the best way to protect the progress and health of the breed.


All dogs, from cross breeds to pure bred, carry a variety of genetic disorders which may cause problems affecting their wellbeing and/or future progeny.  Every effort should be made to eradicate these disorders by selecting from healthy dogs.  The buttons below give more detailed information on the conditions and the tests available for the Cavalier.  These scientific results assist making those all-important breeding decisions.  For your guidance there are examples of some of the issued certificates which may help when a breeder explains the tests that have been conducted.


A 'vet check' is not 'health tested'.  All puppies should be checked by a vet before they leave home.  Most vets carry out this check at puppy's first vaccination.  This vet check is not the same as the parents having been health tested by specialists. 

Neither a vet check nor health testing of the parent can guarantee that the puppy will not develop a condition in later life. There are many environmental factors which can affect them, however, keeping your dog fit and healthy will increase the chances of enjoying a happy and healthy Cavalier for many years.

In the Cavalier, there are several conditions which are being tested for. Press on the below buttons to find out more.

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